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  • Yilong Zou

We are opening joint Postdoc positions in Chemical Biology in Drs. Yilong Zou&Qi Hu's labs!

To foster new advances in the rising field of chemical biology, the Zou lab of Functional Lipidomics and Metabolic Regulation and Dr. Qi Hu's Laboratory of Chemical Biology are opening multiple joint postdoctoral positions. In this program, postdocs will be co-mentored by both PIs, and will have full access to research platforms provided by both cutting-edge laboratories in the exciting and vibrant environment of Westlake University. Candidates with a strong interest in chemical biology and technology development are encouraged to apply.

Our overarching goal for this program is to integrate molecular, cellular, genetic, system and chemical biology approaches to discover novel lipid molecules and pathways, to develop new probes and techniques for detecting and tracing lipid molecules in vitro and in vivo, and to identify novel therapeutic targets and drug candidates for treating human diseases associated with lipid dysregulation. Specific aims of this program include but are not limited to:

1) Investigating the regulatory mechanisms of protein lipidation, and designing novel chemical probes to target protein lipidation and de-lipidation enzymes;

2) Characterizing the biochemical mechanisms of aberrant lipid modification-induced cell death (such as ferroptosis, an iron-dependent, non-apoptotic cell death program) and identifying ferroptosis-modulatory agents;

3) Characterizing and targeting lipid metabolic enzymes that contribute to lethal diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration;

4) Developing advanced technologies that use bi- or multi-functional small molecules for modulating protein activity, stability and localization.

For more information about this program and how to apply, please go to:

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