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We are recruiting postdocs, graduate students and research assistants!

Postdoctoral Associates in the Zou Lab

Multiple postdoc positions are currently available in our laboratory. Westlake University provides first-class research environment and infrastructure. We are committed to provide a flexible, collegial and rigorous research environment for postdocs to perform truly innovative research in our laboratory.

We are particularly interested in applicants who are experienced or interested in the following research areas:

1. Mass spectrometry, metabolomics, lipidomics and small molecule identification

2. Chemical biology, drug development, pharmacology

3. Bioinformatics, multi-omics data analysis and genomics

4. Disease modeling in cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegeneration

5. Biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology

To apply, please email the following documents in PDF format to

1. A cover letter, stating your past research and training experiences, your overall career goal, and brief description of research interest, etc. 

2. A complete resume, containing education history, publication list, award list etc.

3. Please arrange 3 reference letters to be sent to directly. A reference letter from the candidate's Ph.D. mentor is required; however, if for special reasons your Ph.D. mentor can not provide a reference letter, please state in the cover letter, and find arrange an alternative reference letter.  

4. Other documents that are supportive of the candidate's scholarship

Graduate Students

We always welcome passionate graduate students to join our group! We take research training very seriously and we are committed to provided the best environment for young scientists to reach their full potential.


To join us, please find the Graduate Programs at Westlake University here:

For international students, please find essential information here:

Research Assistants

We have room to host and train Research Assistants in our lab. The minimum requirement is a bachelor's or master degree (or soon to be obtained) in biology or chemistry. We encourage students who are interested in obtaining additional research experiences prior to applying for PhD/MD programs in the future to apply our lab. To apply, please directly email your interest and complete resume to  We will contact the candidates who passed the initial application screening for interview. This post is effective until all positions are filled. 

About Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang province in east China. It is about one hour by bullet train to the southwest of Shanghai, and is famous for its long history, rich culture, and beautiful scenery. Hangzhou is repeatedly rated the best commercial city in China by Forbes, as well as the happiest city (No.1) in China by Its most famous site of visit, the West Lake, is attracting millions of visitors every year from around the globe. To learn more about Hangzhou: 


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